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My friend commissioned me to make her wedding cake. I declined and whined. I whined for months. But in the end, all was well. Methinks I protest too much. 

The cake topper on the cupcake tree is a cake dummy wrapped in fondant. The design is the San Francisco Bay Bridge in royal icing. 

The cupcake tower is from I ordered a customized tree. My friend ordered 200 cupcakes. I made 100 white cupcakes filled with a pineapple rum brulee and 100 good old fashioned red velvet cupcakes. I used vanilla buttercream for the white cake and cream cheese buttercream frosting for the red velvets. All 200 hundred did not quite fit on the tower, but that was okay. I was able to set some cakes around the base of the tower to add impact. 

Originally, she was going to use the small cake topper on the cupcake tree to use as her cutting cake, but I convinced her to let me make her one that she could cut and that I would make her a real version of the cupcake topper with the Bridge design for her to save for her first anniversary.