The Passionate Vegetable by Suzanne Landry

Eating healthy is not a new fad, nor should it be seen as a fad. It is more important now to know what is healthful eating and what is not. Our nation's food sources are becoming more and more mass produced mechanically and genetically modified in order to keep up with the demand. How are these overly processed foods affecting our bodies and our longevity? But what does that really mean?

The Passionate Vegetable by Suzanne Landry is a excellent source of information for those who are in a transition out of bad dieting into a more healthful attitude towards food. There are helpful tips and information in the first 3 introduction chapters on understanding where your food comes from, how it's treated, and how it can affect your body and overall health. In nearly every chapter thereafter, Suzanne provides more information behind the ingredients, how it can benefit you and how best to prepare it. My favorites are the Bites of Insight at the end of the recipes that gives you tips directly from Suzanne.  In my household, it's been a long bumpy road from an unhealthy lifestyle of fast food and quick processed dinners to re-adopting the "Slow Food" idea of knowing where our food comes from, preparing meals froms scratch at home, and sitting down as a family. The Passionate Vegetable was a fun cookbook to add more healthy vegetarian dishes to our daily meals, adding more fiber and vitamins than we could get from a dietary supplement. 

The Passionate Vegetable shouldn't be seen as a cookbook only for vegetarians. This wonderful book also has recipes for the meat-eaters as well, who are trying to incorporate more healthful ways to cook protein dishes and ideas on vegetable accompaniments so that meals are more well-balanced. I sat down and read the cookbook, cover to cover, tagging the recipes that made my mouth water. I made many of them and I couldn't fit them all into a 10 minute video. My favorites were tagged in every chapter of her cookbook from the Healthy Start Breakfasts, Fresh Garden Salads (We all are looking for some new great salads to try! She's got some tasty and easy recipes!), to my favorites in the Bean Cuisine chapter. Suzanne's recipe for the Black Bean and Garden Vegetable Enchiladas is so delicious. But I picked my favorites to demo in my video review: Spanish-Style Quiche and Tofu Parmesan. Those who don't normally like quiche will LOVE Suzanne's recipe. It's so tasty that I've made this quiche several times and people still ask for it. The Tofu Parmesan will seriously knock you off your feet that there's no meat in it but still packed with protein from the tofu. And talk about a quick and healthy weeknight dinner! The Tofu Parmesan can be done in about 30 minutes for the novice cook. 

Eating healthy shouldn't be so a challenge for us but it is for many. The key is to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. Make a habit of visiting your local farmer's markets every weekend. Many cities and towns now have them several days a week in easily accessible locations. The Passionate Vegetable gives you more tips and budget ideas on how to keep your kitchen and pantry properly stocked to begin and help your road to a more healthy lifestyle. This is a great book because the recipes are easy to follow. I tested nearly every recipe in the book and each one is spot on tasty. If you want to add more healthy recipes into your daily repetoire, this book is it.