Inspiration from Paris and the Filming of Season 2

Inspiration from Paris and the Filming of Season 2

I started filming again. It has been since last December when we lasted filmed any Toque and Apron cooking videos.  Five months later, I’m not so sure how I feel about that. But a couple months before, back in February, I fell in love with a cooking show called The Little Paris Kitchen. I loved the cinematography and the format of the show. Even the host is super cute, with her British accent, her cute dresses and her bright red lipstick really began to inspire me. She even cooks in her cute little socks. All her videos are filmed in her tiny Paris studio in her little kitchen.

I have been lucky enough to have been able to film my first videos in my friend’s magnificent kitchen in her loft. The only drawback to filming in someone else’s kitchen is that it’s someone else’s kitchen. My kitchen is small. And after being inspired by Rachel Khoo’s little Paris kitchen, why can I not be inspired to keep cooking and use my own kitchen? Seems silly to me now; my kitchen is as small as her kitchen. I don’t have much counter space and I continually put my cutting board over the sink to use as a work space. One wall is a built up spice wall with dozens of jars of unlabelled spices. I call it my laboratory and it's where I train my palate. With each day and each use, I become more familiar with the smell and taste of a spice if I can open the jar, smell it and know what spice it is.

I have a kitchen bar filled with jars of different types of flour and sugars, glass bowls, and odds and ends left over from a baking project, waiting for its turn. In a small counter space between the sink and the refrigerator is my baking workspace. It is home to my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, mixing bowls, baking molds, pans, tools, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, spatulas and 2-feet rolling pin. My pantry is built underneath the kitchen island bar and can be accessed from either side of the island. 

I was planning on beginning filming using my kitchen but my stove broke. If you’ve been keeping up with my recipe posts and my notes, it will sound like a broken record, but a broken stove to a chef is earth-shattering. I was without my stove for nearly a week and couldn’t schedule anything sooner because I was working two events back to back through the weekend and I had a luncheon to prepare for the next workday. I bought two commercial grade portable gas stoves and they worked like a dream! Cheap but sturdy and gave way to ideas of filming off location in a park or a beach or at a winery! Now that my stove is fixed I’m back to cooking. I hate that cooktop anyway. The control knobs are on the surface of the cooktop so if something boils over, as it almost always will happen in cooking, the water can seep into the knobs and drip down into the controls. And there you go, a broken stove. Most stoves have their control knobs along the top or the front of the unit but this is a built in cooktop on top of a set of cupboards that houses all my pots and pans. Poop…I really shouldn’t complain and I know I sound like I’m complaining but not having a stove to cook made into a horrible off-week for me. Okay, so the point is, we will be filming more cooking videos out of my home kitchen because it is where all my stuff is and you should see me in my natural surroundings. Yes? And you should be able to see me genuinely frustrated in my own surroundings rather than being frustrated in someone else’s kitchen. The only challenge would be how to keep my precious dog out of the kitchen during filming because he loves to come in and see what I’m doing. We shall see how it goes. Hopefully he’ll just sit and stare at me the whole time or go upstairs to my son’s room and sleep while I work.

Our filming schedule is tight but I’m excited to get back into the kitchen to film. The first two new episodes we shot for Season 2 were baking episodes. Then we shot a cookbook review for my Cookbook Corner segment. So far, my co-producer/director is excited with the new format we’re doing, inspired by The Little Paris Kitchen. I’m going to just cook or bake whatever I feel like this time. Season 1 was a learning experience and it worked well for what it was. Now it’s time to move forward with a new season of videos, recipes, and kitchen mishaps. Oh…do not get me wrong…you work in a kitchen, whether at home or in a commercial kitchen, shit happens.