At the 5th Annual Walnut Creek Wine Walk

At the 5th Annual Walnut Creek Wine Walk

My friend and I went to the Walnut Creek Wine Walk yesterday. Yes, I know...I must be feeling better so soon. Let me tell you, it was kind of a rough day but I decided to go anyway because it was another great opportunity to see and taste some of Contra Costa County's best wines.

The Wine Walk was in its fifth year and I had never gone before the 3 years I have lived in Walnut Creek. It was an interesting and clever set-up where you are given a map of downtown that started at Locust Street and went 3 blocks south then around up North Main Street and each designated stop was a store or restaurant or bar sponsoring a particular winery. There are about 40 stops and paying $40 for your wine glass that's a pretty nice deal. It should make for an interesting evening. You only have from 6PM to 9PM to do the wine walk and you had to finish your wine in each shop. There's already a lot of interesting people out and this reminds me of some adult version of trick-or-treat.

My favorite stop was 13 Salon where they had two chocolate fountains (of course) and where I nearly skewered my mouth with the long kabob of marshmallows and blueberries I had dipped in the fountain. It was totally worth it. The strangest place was next door at the Downtown Subway shop. Really? Many of the stores we went into offered bread, cheese, and a selection of fruit and crudites to nibble on but at Subway you got a selection of their choice cuts of deli meats and cheeses. Don't get me wrong, I still ate the salami slices and the pepperoni they had out but skipped on the cheese. We're tasting an ounce of wine at these stops and there are 40 stops. You have to eat something. The longest line to get a tasting at was at the piano store. When it finally cleared out we got to taste Landers Jenkins 2011 Chardonnay. Very very nice wine. Smooth, crisp. I'm thinking this would go great with the Honey Orange Glazed Tiger Prawns I'm planning on cooking in cedar sheets....Nikki is "playing" the baby grand so I walk over there and nearly choke. The piano is priced at $67,000. {insert 'snort' here} Time for the next spot.
The next spot was at Crogan's Bar and Grill. Live entertainment and four wines to taste. By this time, I'm not bothering to pull out my camera to take pictures of what we're drinking. This bartender is free-pouring the wines and I'm pretty sure she's pouring more than an ounce. We've already had 8-9 ounces already. We try a red blend and a chardonnay. I can only think of what my wine instructor, Stephen E., said during one of his lectures, when he said that after tasting 3 or 4 wines back to back, they tend to taste similar or that one okay wine will either change the taste of a good wine and elevate the taste of a mediocre wine. At this point, I really wanted something to clean my palate. I wasn't going to start stuffing myself with all the cheeses and breads at every station. I was glad when we decided to make a stop to say hi to a colleague and friend of Nik's over at Yogaworks who was pouring a sparkling wine and then stop and see her other colleague over at the Watch Shop.

I've lived in Walnut Creek for 3 years and live so close to downtown it's such a shame that I avoid that area. I didn't know where the Watch Shop was so we ended up walking too far and stopped at two more stations before we ran into Nikki's colleagues outside of Tomatina's.

It really was a superb evening out with one of my best girl-friends. I had no idea we were going to go because I thought she was coming to sit with me at my house, considering I only just started to feel better from my concussion. I'm glad I went and spent some time out. I was so exhausted when I finally got home because it was a long day for me and I crashed out in bed the second my head hit the pillow.  I didn't want to think anymore about wine.